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Practice process modelling onboard a sailing yacht

Concept & Motivation

Sailing requires constant interactions, with the boat, the crew, the waves, the wind, etc. Handling a boat under all conditions requires good leadership and communications skills.

Therefore a sailing yacht is a good place to practice operations, communications and leadership. To train your modelling skills for your professional career, let’s translate the operations onboard into standardized and transparent processes, noted in BPM notation.

The processes are not very complex but highly dynamic. The modelling tasks onboard are fitting very well to the needs of modern business & tech operations.

Sailing experience is not required, and gaining additional sailing experience is an attractive side-effect of this seminar.

Staying calm, analyizing the situation, communicating in a structured way, reacting to feedback, and flexible planning is genearlly essential. Plan A might not always be optimal, reacting to the situation and changing plans is essential.

Join us & level up your leadership skills.

period:   September 2023 - September 2024
duration: 1 week
location: 36° 39' 33.286" N 29° 7' 34.849" E

What to expect

Sailing Seminar


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Q & A

Do I need sailing experience?
No, sailing experience is not required. A minimum level of fitness and being able to swimm for 20 minutes is sufficient to participate safely in our courses & trainings.
What to expect?
The route and the sailing activities will be adjusted to the weather, the learning sessions and to the persons participating & their advancement. Generally every training differs and is adopted to the needs of the participant. The experience will be customized to your needs and we're able to set individual priorities and needs as a team.

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